Angela, married to her high school sweetheart for several decades, shares a life filled with love and challenges. Amidst raising their three children, two born to them and one embraced through adoption, Angela has faced persistent health battles. Yet, it's through these trials that she's discovered a deep reliance on God, finding strength in His sustenance amidst life's storms.

Her journey of grappling with health issues has drawn her closer to her faith, inspiring a pursuit of truth in all aspects of life. Though she longs for a climate that might alleviate her physical discomfort, Angela cherishes the path she's walked, grateful for the spiritual growth it's facilitated.

Educated at the Ohio State University and later the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Angela earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She initially applied her knowledge in social work at a local children’s home before embracing her calling to be a stay-at-home mom upon the arrival of her first child.

Driven by a passion for serving others, Angela has engaged in various ministries, including writing Bible studies, teaching, and contributing blogs to platforms such as Refresh My Soul, The Gospel Coalition, and Key Ministries.

Her interest in understanding people, combined with her faith, led her to explore how psychology and biblical teachings intersect. This exploration led her to pursue a Biblical Counseling Certificate from the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF), followed by certification as a biblical counselor by the Association of Christian Biblical Counselors (ACBC) in 2016. Through this journey, Angela found a harmonious marriage between psychological insights and the transformative power of God's Word in counseling practice.

Driven by compassion for those enduring hardship, she's pursuing specialized training to assist individuals facing trauma. With her Level One Trauma Care certification from The Christian Trauma and Healing Network (CTHN), she delves into studies exploring trauma's effects from both secular and Christian perspectives. Her aim is to integrate these insights into a holistic approach to biblical counseling, addressing the needs of the whole person.

Angela Parsley

Certified Biblical Counselor
  • Bachelor of Science - Psychology
  • ACBC Accreditation
  • CCEF Accreditation
  • Level 1 Certified Christian Trauma Care Provider


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